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  1. ECM/Fuel Management systems
    I met Dr. Dyno in NY this weekend and can't praise him enough. I have a background in engine building/tuning and dyno tuning and found Fred is top notch. I have been fighting with detonation on my '13 RG for 2 years. Fuelmoto got close with 3 different maps, but Dr. D worked his magic this...
  2. Engine Related
    Got my '13 FLTRU back today from the shop. I've spent a lot of time the last 2 days reading old threads on this forum and others on 255 vs 254e cams so I wanted to help clear the air a bit for anyone else interested in changing. Couple of notes that will skew the results thought: 1) I did 3...
  3. ECM/Fuel Management systems
    Hello! Just wondering what the general preference for a dyno is between the factory pro EC997 and dynojet 250i for solely tuning Harley's?? I have had some people throw their two cents in regarding the A/F tuning vs 4 gas etc so just looking for some more opinions. Brutal honesty appreciated...
  4. Dyno Results
    I am looking to buy a dynojet 250i. Must be in perfect working order. Anyone know anybody that is selling one or seen an add that I may have missed? Looking on the internet and search is getting pretty old! Thanks for your help!
  5. ECM/Fuel Management systems
    In December 2012, I purchased a package deal from my local HD dealer for my '12 FLTRU. They installed SE255 cams, SE high volume oil pump, FuelMoto 2-1-2 head pipe, CFR slip-ons, and SE Ventilator. The SERT was part of the package deal with all the upgrades. After everything was installed I...
  6. Engine Related
    Anyone using the new pro tuner from cobra? Anyone have great numbers with dyno jets power vision?
1-6 of 9 Results