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  1. Controls & Handlebars
    Hey everyone, new to the group, this is my first post. Just purchased a 2021 RGS and I’m 6.2’ looking for a set of taller handlebars. I’m thinking 10 - 11” should be good. I had a 2011 RG with 11” and I quite enjoyed them. can this be done without cable and electrical extensions? any info...
  2. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    Wondering if anyone knows what the size, thread pitch, and length is of the factory bolts that hold the floor boards. Are they all the same length. Going on a ride this weekend and was thinking about getting some spacers and new bolts and see how it feels pushed out about an inch. I rode in...
  3. Controls & Handlebars
    If you would, post what handlebars you have gone with and what cables/parts you changed (if any). Part #'s and suppliers would be ESPECIALLY HELPFUL for those new to the group or subject. Thanks in advance!
  4. Controls & Handlebars
    These guys are awesome, my local stealer sold me one of Novellos kits for my FLTRX and I told them I needed the radio kit to go with it and they said no. Tore the bike down and noticed I needed the radio kit. I called Novello direct and they sent the proper kit to me in two days for less money...
1-4 of 4 Results