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  1. New Members Welcome Area
    I just got my first HD. A 2012 RG Ultra. Rode it for the first time to work today. Found this site looking for some troubleshooting solutions and I am looking forward to reading the forums. I have been riding since I was a wee lad (35+ years now) but have always been on Honda's and Suzukis.
  2. New Members Welcome Area
    Hey fellow Harley(SHARKIES) brothers and/or sisters! Last Saturday is a date I will never forget, February 27, 2016! I bought my first own brand new vehicle from a dealership. I got a great deal on a Road Glide Special and wouldn't have had my first brand new purchase any other way...
  3. Windshields
    Hey guys! I just purchased my first Road Glide. There is a little more wind in my face than I expected. I'm 6'1, can anybody point me in the right direction? BTW I love it!!!
1-3 of 3 Results