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  1. 2021 RGS 11/24/2021

    Current look with Detachable Tour Pak, and Black Front Forks.
  2. 2021 RGS

    Current look with Detachable Tour Pak, and Black Front Forks. 11/24/2021
  3. 2021 RGS

    Current look with Detachable Tour Pak, and Black Front Forks. 11/24/2021
  4. Controls & Handlebars
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I really need some help here. This is pretty simple although It's driving me nuts because I am OCD about certain things. I installed new bars on my 2011 Road Glide Custom 103. I disconnected the Ambient Air Sensor (pictured here) and cannot for the life of me remember...
  5. Classifieds Archive (3 months old+)
    $19,000 Statesboro, GA.....50 miles Northwest of Savannah. 9,800 Miles. 96 cubic inch. 21" and 17" rc components helix wheels. 10.5" Yaffe Monkey Bars internally wired. FBI wrap around fender. Chrome single disc conversion. Vance Hines true duals with power pack. Stage 1 Air Filter. Power...
  6. Troubleshooting for Road Glides
    Hi, I'm trying to change my air cleaner and I'm not much of a mechanic. The throttle body spacer needs to be removed and it looks to me like they changed it for this year. It looks like there are two hex bolts in the top of it. Has anyone had experience removing these? I don't want to remove...
  7. Troubleshooting for Road Glides
    Hello, First time to post in this forums. I'm from Abu Dhabi, its a city close to Dubai. I have FLTRX with SE120R crate motor, CNC ported heads, 58mm throttle body, Screamin Eagle 266E cams (658 lift), Screamin Eagle high flow injectors, 10:1 compression. The rear cylinder got a cosmetic...
  8. Windshields
    hello riders, for your information about Road Glide w-shields, after KlockWerks 12 flare, i just put the Touring Master Shield from Kuriakyn...i'm 5foot 11 and i love it! I can see over and the flow of air pass over my head. here in Québec is still cold for now and this shield do a greath job...
  9. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    I was informed of this forum by a fellow member who saw my post on HDFORUMS and suggested I post here also..... I have been reading threads and trying to get as much information on the Road Glide and what was possible and available as far as modifications were concerned. These past few weeks, I...
1-10 of 11 Results