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  1. ECM/Fuel Management systems
    2019 road glide ultra. I recently installed a D&D 2-1 borzilla, Zippers redshift 472, and S&S oil pump and cam plate. I have a FP3 and flashed it. My bike seems to like to idle at around 1100rpm. Right now it’s programmed to idle at around 900rpm. Anyone increase their idle and other parts of...
  2. ECM/Fuel Management systems
    I am running a '19 CVO 117 inch motor, The warranty is up so I added Rinehart DBX 4.5 mufflers and a catless headpipe over the winter. Tuned with a V&H FP3. I am getting a pop when shifting gears on aggressive acceleration. Seems to do it after warmed up mostly. There is no popping...
1-3 of 3 Results