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  1. Tech Area
    my bike: 16 Road Glide Ultra OK.. so I was in Ocean City Md for bike week and a day before heading back I noticed that my bike started "swaying" back and forth.. to confirm.. i put it to a decent speed and placed on Cruise Control and left go my hands.. and true enough the bike would sway from...
  2. Suspensions
    I have contacted Progressive Suspension about a 2017 RG front fork lowering kit. They say that they are working on it. Anyone have fork lowering options?
  3. Suspensions
    Hi folks, need help. My 2011 RGU rides extremely rough in the front end. Tire is at 36 psi, rear shocks I've tried at 20 - 40 lbs.. and still rough either one up or two up. Is there an adjustment on the front forks that I've missed or ?? Thanks for the help Mike
  4. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    So I was at my local dealer today. I have been having some issues getting my front end set up on my 2011 FLTRX. Stock fork oil was too soft and caused a swimming effect in high speed corners. SE heavy oil was too stiff, caused my teeth to fall out, but was better in the corners. So while I was...
1-4 of 4 Results