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  1. Gary's Corner--Ask the Expert!
    Whats the best all around performing cam for a twin cam 96". Do you prefer gear driven or chain drive?- We have one cam that works well, it is 240 240 duration 510 510 lift. If the bike is heavy and a big rider we would use a 4 degree advance gear. We have a new cam that will be out in about 2...
  2. Gary's Corner--Ask the Expert!
    Here's my question for the Tuning Expert: Starting with a stock 96 cu in engine, what exactly would you suggest for optimally improving, in this priority sequence: 1. increasing torque (between 2000-4500 rpms) 2. long engine life (100k or better miles) 3. maintaining everyday driveability 4...
  3. Gary's Corner--Ask the Expert!
    Ok here's the deal. Gary Williams Engine and Carburetor Expert has volunteered to answer 1-3 emails a month on engine tunning, Carburetors, and anything else related to your engine. Please submit your emails to Admin. Once every 10 days or so we will post the answer to 1 email only. These will...
1-3 of 3 Results