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  1. Road Glide Specific Discussions
    I'm selling my chrome Factory 47 16" Signature Bars for $300 shipped. They are for 2015-2020 Road Glide. They have been slightly used, I'm going a different direction with my new build. Will supply photos if interested.
  2. Controls & Handlebars
    I wanted to put a for sale/swap feeler out for my 14” Carlini Evil Ape handlebars off of my 2013 FLTRX. I love the way these bars look but after riding around with them for about 2000-ish miles I am not as fond of them as I thought I'd be. In an attempt to make my life and potentially a buyers...
  3. Road Glide Specific Discussions
    Looking to buy a chrome ball mount for my gps. I need to know the handle bar dia. Is it 1" or 1.25"? If anyone knows for sure I can order the part now.. Thanx...
1-3 of 3 Results