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  1. Engine Related
    What is this horrible sound coming from engineMotorcycle engine noise?
  2. Parts for Sale
    Hey All, Have a new take-off CVO wind screen. Has about 30 miles on it, is otherwise in new condition. No mounting hardware included. Will be lovingly wrapped & boxed. Package is 8x11x29 and weighs 2 pounds, 12 ounces. It will be shipped from Oceanside, Ca. 92056. Asking $95 plus actual...
  3. Engine Related
    Blown lifter roller damaged my block. Dealer says they must replace it. Has anyone ever heard of a bore and oversized lifter? Is that a thing??
  4. Parts for Sale
    SOLD Part Number 98306-14VM brand new in the box lone star half helmet I purchased from harley store online. it had a ton of great reviews, its super comfortably light weight, DOT approved, removable ear pads, the whole nine. unfortunately i have a weird shaped head and it just doesn't fit...
  5. Road Trip Discussions/Stories/Pictures
    I've started a Travel thread on It's at: Riding Metaphor Also, I have a blog at: Thanks for lookin'!
  6. New Members Welcome Area
    Picked up this 03' Anniversary Road Glide at the beginning of the month.. This is my first bike, and i'm glad I went with the big boy straight from the gate.. I almost bought a small bike just to learn how to ride.. But after reading a few posts on here I decided to get what I wanted!! Bottom...
  7. Engine Related
    Guys, I know there are a ton of threads on here and this cam and that cam and why each are better, worse, etc...I wanted to give some specifics on my bike and riding style and see if you all could help point me in the right direction. I've been talking with another member about some options so...
  8. Paint & Bodywork Section
    Adding a tour pack to my road glide custom. Is the Hardware and mounts different from one year to the next? I'm currently saddled up on an 05, so if the hardware is different what years will work? Since i'm in no hurry for it, hoping i can find used equipment to save some $$. If any one has...
  9. Classifieds Archive (3 months old+)
    SOLD - 18" HD Blade Wheels I have a set of 18" Blade wheels that I recently took off my 2009 SERG. These wheels will fit 09-11 HD touring bikes. They are in excellent condition. The tires mounted on the wheels are the original Dunlops and are wore out. Front rotors are included. The wheels...
1-10 of 13 Results