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  1. Controls & Handlebars
    I wanted to do a kind of download of what is in my mind in regards to this kit, the install, and overall impressions. Quick background I'm 43 5'10" 265lbs. I have above average mechanical ability and I lean to the technically nerdy side. In a previous life I was a race mechanic for a pro...
  2. Road Glide Specific Discussions
    Anybody have a copy of the Soundz fairing cut out template for road glide pods? Doing an install and while I could roughly determine location of the cut out, having a template appears much easier. Thanks!
  3. Seating: seats, backrests
    I purchased a used rider's backrest online. When I went to install it the brass colored piece that bolts the rear fender has what looks like the stiff hook side of velcro tape on it. I'm not thrilled with the idea of this stuff rubbing against the painted fender, even under the seat. Is this...
  4. Intake and Exhaust
    So help me I can't find the right model online... 2010 FLTRX. Removing stock header and aftermarket slip on. Installing Rinehart Classic True Duals with 4" mufflers. I am installing the "P" clamp on the front pipe. Anybody know if the clamp goes above the stock bracket, below the stock...
  5. Controls & Handlebars
    This install is on a '12 Road Glide Custom I have been having issues with my Yaffe 10" ape install. First while trying to install the throttle the green connector got bound up on one of the hard corners, ran off to Harley after breaking the connector to buy a new one. They suggested purchasing...
  6. Audio
    Is there any way to make a Hog Tunes HSA-150 adapter (sony/pioneer) work with a Kennwod head unit?
  7. Road Glide Specific Discussions
    Guys - so I recently changed out my speakers on my FLTRU to the new J&M 7.25's in the front and the 5.25's in the back - very happy with the sound - decent bass and clear high end. I also added the XM internal module which I am also very happy with. Here's the issue - at highway speeds the...
  8. Seating: seats, backrests
    I have a used Mustang driver's backrest (perfect condition) that I was gonna jury rig for my old Heritage. With the proper mount it will fit my new RGU. Question - Who sells Mustang mounting kits? I looked all over and only found the entire backrest kit for $200 plus. Anyone got any ideas?
1-8 of 8 Results