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  1. Road Glide Builds-Document your builds HERE --NEW
    Just picked up this 2021 RGL last week. I had a 2018 RGS and recently a 2013 RK Classic. I’ll drop some pics below of those. I plan on keeping up with everything I do to it, so if anyone has questions… I’ll help where I can. I have Vindikta Hoop-Teeze 14” bars and a LePera Maverick daddy long...
  2. Seating: seats, backrests
    Looks like I'm getting a 2015 RGS. I've been pretty okay with the stock seat on my 2011 RGU, but the 2015 doesn't feel as comfortable on the test rides as my worn in Road Glide Ultra seat. What's a good option for someone over 300#? Going down and back a tad would help as well. Thanks!
1-2 of 2 Results