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  1. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    Anyone in the Reno NV area? Long Ride Shields is looking for someone with a 2015 Road Glide that can drop by their shop so they can get measurements to assist in producing a windshield for the new fairing. Contact James at 1-855-566-4743
  2. Parts for Sale
    [SOLD] FS: LRS Mako 12" medium tint CVO windshield Shield is sold!!!! For sale is a brand new Long Ride Shields Mako windshield for CVO models. This is the 12" model with medium tint This version is meant for CVO models or any other Road Glide models with the CVO windshield trim installed...
  3. Windshields
    Ok looking for some feedback for all of you that have recently ordered a Mako shield from Long Ride Shields. If you notice on their site it has this little note: PLEASE NOTE: If you have a 2013 model, you must order the 2011-2013 CVO model. So what I need to know is three things. When you...
  4. Windshields
    When talking to James a few weeks ago he said they might be offering an 11" Mako. Well they have the measurements on their site but it isn't in the order pulldown menu yet. Anyone ordered one over the phone???
1-4 of 4 Results