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  1. Do-IT-Yourself
    I'm taking the bike to the paint shop. Everything is there except the two shells for the lower fairings. Trying to get the lower fairing shell off without removing the entire cooling system. The HD manual says it is possible, but given the problem, I can't even get to the cooling system...
  2. Parts for Sale
    Authentic Harley-Davidson vented lower fairings for newer touring motorcycles. Vivid black. Great used condition. Some scuffs and scratches. One of the speaker pods has a small bit of bondo in a screw hole to attach speaker, can't see it... works like a charm! You could paint it if you wanted...
  3. Paint & Bodywork Section
    I just picked up a set of Color-Matched Non-Vented Fairing Lowers (58861-05BPZ) from my local dealer this morning. The description online says glove boxes sold separately but does not tell me which ones? I'm hoping someone on here could tell me which ones and if anyone makes a set of glove boxes...
1-3 of 3 Results