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  1. Windshields
    Just installed today. I'm 6' and the height is perfect for me. Viewpoint to the cars in front of me is perfect. 1" taller would be too tall. At 80 mph and my sleeves hardly moved on my T-shirt in the wind. I could hear the radio perfectly without being turned up full blast. Going to be...
  2. Windshields
    I currently have a Klock Werks 8.5" windshield on my 10 RGC. The wind has not bothered me up to this point but I think I might be able to enjoy the ride if I had some protection. I love the sporty looks of my KW but have been wanting to pull the trigger on buying a taller one for upcoming long...
  3. Parts for Sale
    [SOLD] FS: LRS Mako 12" medium tint CVO windshield Shield is sold!!!! For sale is a brand new Long Ride Shields Mako windshield for CVO models. This is the 12" model with medium tint This version is meant for CVO models or any other Road Glide models with the CVO windshield trim installed...
  4. Windshields
    When talking to James a few weeks ago he said they might be offering an 11" Mako. Well they have the measurements on their site but it isn't in the order pulldown menu yet. Anyone ordered one over the phone???
1-4 of 4 Results