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  1. Road Glide Specific Discussions
    Hi all, I decided to take delivery of my 22 bone stock so that I can personally see what I like and don’t. With that said I have 60 days to make decisions on what to add during the new period to be included with the warranty. Examples include a 131 kit, suspension and audio upgrades etc. For...
  2. Engine Related
    Hey all, I just hit 5,000 miles on my 19 RG special with the 114. Going up hill it started bogging down and BOOM. Blown motor. Threw oil all over the bags/fender and all over the motor. Everything was done by Harley, and was babied it’s whole life. Just checking if anybody had any issues with...
  3. Dyno Results
    After 1,400 miles on my new bike I brought it in for the stage 2 build prior to my 60 day window for warranty and here's my result. The before and after difference is only the last component in which I had the 55mm SE Intake Manifold installed earlier today... I had to come back a week after...
1-3 of 3 Results