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  1. Windshields
    OK OK. Today is the day I broke down and ordered the Madstad!! Damn all of you on the forum, I'm going broke spending money I don't have!! :rolleyes: I have followed reviews from many on this forum, (Shrug's Alaskapade and countless others) there was even a discussion today "Too much wind on...
  2. Windshields
    I just put my 16" Madstad on last night and it's raining...of course. I think I should have went with the 13", but went by the recommendation of their website. I am 6' tall, I have a 2010 FLTRX with a 2011 Street Glide seat. I have it sitting as low as possible right, but will adjust the angle...
  3. Windshields
    Just bit the bullet and bought me a 16" Madstad. My wife and I went for a hundred mile ride last night...first time for her on my Road Glide...and she did not like the amount of air hitting her in the helmet. She stated the fact that she had more wind protection on my Heritage. I bought the Road...
1-3 of 3 Results