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  1. Road Glide Specific Discussions
    In the past I did my own motor mods, most recently a stage 3 on a 103. But when I bought my new blacked out 2020 RGL, I decided to go the dealer route on my stage 2 to keep my warranty alive. Had the dealer install a stage 2 torque kit with heavy breather, free flow exhaust, and wideband fuel...
  2. Do-IT-Yourself
    I've spent some time reading through my service manual for my '16 FLT. Im getting ready to replace my front brake pads. My question to you guys is... Should I use Loctite on all fasteners, nuts and bolts when reassembling my bike or adding aftermarket parts? Or should I use only when the service...
  3. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    Guys: I'm a true newbie. I bought my very first bike - a used `06 RG with 10k miles - this past September. I'm learning as I go. I now have nearly 13k miles on it since I picked it up from the dealership. Having put nearly 3k miles on it myself, I figured it was at least time to start...
1-3 of 4 Results