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  1. Audio
    So, to minimize wire runs, I've attempted to mount my Hawg Wired speaker crossovers (for my rear speakers) to the bag lids. One on each lid...just under the clothe that's there from the factory. The issue is, it seems as though the summer heat, as well as heat from the engine and pipes are not...
  2. Videos
    This is the Blue Ridge Ramble Ride, which went up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Mount Mitchell with Smoky Mountain HOG.
  3. Equipment-RG
    I'm an avid fan of Sirius and have been wanting to listen to it on my RG since I bought her and finally came up with an affordable solution (at least for me) I had looked into changing out the stock HK unit with a marine grade, mp3, CD, satellite ready unit. But after doing some research and...
  4. Seating: seats, backrests
    I have a used Mustang driver's backrest (perfect condition) that I was gonna jury rig for my old Heritage. With the proper mount it will fit my new RGU. Question - Who sells Mustang mounting kits? I looked all over and only found the entire backrest kit for $200 plus. Anyone got any ideas?
1-4 of 4 Results