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  1. New Members Welcome Area
    I’m in Ontario, Canada near Toronto. Currently riding a 2020 RG Limited with SE Sage 2. factory 47 13” bars Klockwerks sport flare windshield Fullsac header Forsch 4.5 slip-ons Angry II Baffles SE high flow breather SE torque cam I like riding in the corners and carving lanes. Latest trip...
  2. New Members Welcome Area
    New to the forum but been a member for a few months. Just a quick introduction, this is my 2nd Road Glide I’ve owned first was a 04 new one is a 2020 limited few upgrades stage 2 torque kit 12’’ bars 4.5 rinehart slip-on. Mountain Man art. just wanna say this forum is the best place I have...
  3. New Members Welcome Area
    Well here it is. Here to learn more and share what I can. From West Texas.
  4. New Members Welcome Area
    Hey Folks, Joined your group after following a post for some CVO Parts. 2013 Road Glide here, Kissimmee/St Cloud Area. Thanks! Chris
  5. New Members Welcome Area
    Hello fellow Road Glide enthusiast. I recently joined this forum and find the wealth of info so helpful. I just installed KST Kustoms 12" Mayhems. Thanks to Donk and others who have left nuggets on here, this project went pretty good for a rookie... Beer was a must... I've been riding my...
  6. New Members Welcome Area
    Folks- Good morning! I'm a new 2015 Road Glide Special owner. Thank you for having this informative forum available for us new guys. Lucas
  7. New Members Welcome Area
    Hello all! After purchasing a Wide Glide this time last year. I realized I needed a bike that could comfortably take me anywhere I wanted plus had the storage space I lacked. After test riding the street glide and road glide back to back, I chose the Road Glide for all the obvious reasons...
  8. New Members Welcome Area
    Just found the forum. Got my 2012 Big Blue Pearl RG last Feb. 13,000 miles by Aug. had to park it for shoulder surgery. Love it should be back on by March. Road Trip.
1-8 of 8 Results