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  1. Road Glide Specific Discussions
    Hey guys. I hope you might be able to help me discover a piece of information am missing. I just bought a 2021 Road Glide Limited and I have a solid 1,200 miles. The last two rides I’ve been smelling like the oil was burning. I park the bike on in my garage on a Mat all the time. But there no...
  2. Fluids and Lubricants
    Harley recalls 46,000 bikes for leaky oil linked to two crashes | Fox Business 2 wrecks and 1 minor injury caused by oil leaking and rear tire running over it. I don't think the 2017s have caught up to the 2015s in recalls yet. :crying:
  3. Troubleshooting for Road Glides
    Haven't really had time to dive into this problem yet but thought I'd get started here. Moving my bike in the garage yesterday and noticed two dime sized oil spots where the bike originally was. Felt around with my hand and found oil on the right side of my frame couple inches behind the rider...
1-3 of 3 Results