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  1. Engine Related
    Just bought a 19 RG Ultra, and having been on a twin cam for several years wondered if the oiling setup on the Milwaukee 8 motor is like the twin cam in this respect: On the twin cam, there is a significant amount of oil retained in the sump, up to a quart, and to get all the oil out of the...
  2. Fluids and Lubricants
    Folks- The 1000 mile fluid change was just accomplished on the 2015 Road Glide Special. Syn 3 was installed in the primary, transmission, and engine. (No change was noticed in performance or smoothness of shifting.) Is there a special long funnel that allows this process to be easier? It...
  3. Tech Area
    In reading some of the other discussions on Red Line Oil causing slippage in the transmission... I have a specific question. Are the slippages occurring in transmissions with hydraulic clutches or cable clutches? I'm thinking of putting Red Line Oil in ahead of my trip to South Dakota. I...
  4. Fluids and Lubricants
    I ran Royal Purple in my 2001 sportster for years and years without issue. When I first switched over, I switched from Amsoil. The Amsoil ran great but I was still not to happy. The temperature drop from Harley dinosaur oil to Amsoil was about 15 C, The drop from Harley to Royal purple was 20+...
  5. Do-IT-Yourself
    I've been researching different types of oil for my 103ci HD. I have seen some not-so-good test result info on HD's oil. I want to know what brand of oil and filter and air filter most of you are using. Thanks :confused:
  6. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    Guys: I'm a true newbie. I bought my very first bike - a used `06 RG with 10k miles - this past September. I'm learning as I go. I now have nearly 13k miles on it since I picked it up from the dealership. Having put nearly 3k miles on it myself, I figured it was at least time to start...
1-6 of 6 Results