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  1. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    I recently had a rebuild on my 15 RGS. S&S 124, Baker Grudge Box, Brocks Swing Arm and chain drive. Ohlins font and rear. The vibration is a little more than I like. So I added Glide Pro motor mounts. They cracked after a few hundred miles. They said they had a production issue. WTF, sounds like...
  2. Engine Related
    What is this horrible sound coming from engineMotorcycle engine noise?
  3. Engine Related
    I am planning to have new S&S 124-SSC 310-0400A install It’s my understanding that it can be installed into a 2007-2016. I am thinking the 2014-2016 Rushmore years. I also had S&S pre drill the oil holes for me so no need to deal with oil line kit. My plan is to purchase a used road glide and...
  4. Aftermarket Accessories
    I am in the process of a build and bought a Brocks Performance West Coast Bagger swing arm. The finish black powder coating looked like a 2 year old with a crayon finished it. Brocks was contacted and their response was, oh well, we can't send another for weeks so here's $200 take it or leave...
  5. Troubleshooting for Road Glides
    Recall Date 2019-09-27 SAFETY RISK Please contact your Service Dealer for more information. Recognized this, today. I called my dealer and they were surprised - didn't know anything about a new recall. Got an appointment for 9/11 at 1:30PM. Does anyone here know more about this recall...
  6. Videos Rode down to Portland from Seattle a few weeks ago to see a friends band play.. Fun ride, but damn, it was cold!
1-6 of 6 Results