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  1. Road Trip Discussions/Stories/Pictures
    Roar on the shore Hey getting ready for the party in Erie P.A this coming weekend July13 tough the 17th how is going and what fellow shark nosers might be up for meeting for a beer. I will proabably arrive on the morning of the 15th last year was a great time.
  2. Road Trip Discussions/Stories/Pictures
    Hey all, I have a group going to Americade this year. Looking for a good ride to go on. We did Lake George to Lake Placid last year. Looking for a nice ride for this year. Any suggestions.
  3. Road Trip Discussions/Stories/Pictures
    I am working on establishing a motorcycle travel company. I currently go out and shoot videos of some local places, as well as a few in the north west. I blog travel tips, rate the places I stay and ultimately try and help those that have questions about travel. If you are planning a trip to...
  4. Videos
    Last week I spent a great weekend riding up in the mountains. Here is the 4th episode of Rallies & Rides. Thanks to all of you checking it out on youtube, replying with comments on the videos and on the forums this project is starting to take shape. If seeing motorcycle travel done like...
  5. Videos
    Hey guys, I just got back from Baker City Or. They hosted the 14th annual Hells Canyon Rally. It is a good sized rally around 3,000 or 4,000 with some AWESOME rides. Took the ole shark nose and my trusty Honda Shadow 600 with me. Enjoy!
  6. Videos Last summer I posted a few local rides, the project is growing and this summer there are several trips as well as some rallies I will be featuring. I rode out to Bend Oregon and shot some video of some great rides. Please enjoy and feel free to...
  7. Videos
    I got my act together and put another episode out. This one is a bit better quality. Playing with a GoPro and iMovie for this one. I enjoy the feedback so don't hesitate to comment. thanks
1-7 of 8 Results