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  1. Do-IT-Yourself
    Here is the situation, I am going to install a Sena Freewire into the right hand glove box (or left guess it doesn't matter) and what I have so far is Sena Freewire (connect to bike wirelessly and have stereo with out HD branded sena) Kit-Connector hdset DIN part number 69200865 (to connect...
  2. Road Glide Specific Discussions
    If you ever need video how-to’s on installing after market parts, including Custom Dynamic lighting, come by my page on YouTube. You will enjoy the experience.
  3. Windshields
    Hey guys!! We wanted to share this with as many Road Glide riders as possible! Christmas is just days away & we are giving away a 10” Memphis Shades Windshield!! We will draw a random name (from Instagram & Facebook) on Wednesday & post the winne completely FREE - no purchase needed!! We ask...
  4. Audio
    First off, I just bought my first bagger (2019 Road Glide Special) in December. Traded in a Night Rod Special and I couldn't be happier. Love it. Took it to Bike Week in Daytona and got a new saddle, some airbrush artwork and ... a 2 channel Sounds Bagger Audio system. The speakers are...
  5. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    Warmed up to mid 40s after the snow late last week. Enough melt and I felt the need to get out and ride and say screw the salt on the roads, which were still pretty darn white! First up, my beloved Road Glide after getting it back with a fresh rear tire, 30K service and a few other things. No...
  6. New Members Welcome Area
    Hi everyone, I am a new member, this is my very first post(so be gentle...:wink:). I recently purchased a 2017 Road Glide Special (Happy 55th Birthday to me). I have had her for 9 days and will be bringing her in tomorrow morning for the 1K service. I am 6"6' with a 36' inseam and have always...
  7. Bikes for Sale
    2016 Road Glide Special Black Quartz with 10,400miles. Have the factory 47 Apes 12” bars, Biketronics Speaker and Amp kit for RG. Vance & Hines Twin Slash Round slip-ons with decatted headers, Vance & Hines VO2 Naked Air Intake with stock HD air cover along with the V&H Fuel Pack 3. Klock Werks...
1-7 of 7 Results