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  1. Audio
    Does anyone know if this amp will fit under the nose? IT appears to be a plug and play swap out for my existing TM400X4AD that came with my RF Stage 3 kit, but it is visibly longer. Im getting rid of all 4 of the RF speakers and swapping them out with Hertz SPL NEO SHOWS. My research says the...
  2. Audio
    I just installed the RG RF kit on my 2012 RG. I took it for a 20 min ride and noticed i wasn't getting any FM stations. I then pulled the fairing off and noticed the metal back covers on the speakers were melting off. System was installed exactly the way the instructions called for. I called RF...
  3. Audio
    I have a 2011 FLTRU with the following installed: A biketronics retro radio kit with a Sony DSX-S100 J&M Rokker speakers in the front and rear Rockford Fosgate PBR300x4 amp The head unit and amp are both rated at 4ohms and the speakers are rated at 2ohms. I recently changed out the amp from a...
  4. Audio
    Posted about the Hogtunes set-up I am considering last week. The RF is also a consideration as well. Just seems the only easy plug n play harness is available from bagger nation and requires purchasing the amp through them. So has anyone done a write-up with pics on wiring up the rear speakers...
1-4 of 4 Results