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  1. Audio
    Hi all, I’ve got an 08 road glide that’s currently running a cheap speaker set up. Currently has 2 6x8 kickers in fairing, stock radio, 1000 watt cheap amp in fairing, and aftermarket saddle bag lids with 3 5.25 cheap speakers in each lid… I’m looking to redo the entire sound system. Looking to...
  2. Parts for Sale
    THIS KIT IS DESIGNED FOR 2013 AND OLDER SADDLEBAGS AND TOURPAKS ONLY!!!! This Power lock kit was introduced by HD in the 2008 Parts Catalog for Touring Bikes with a Tourpak and Hard Saddlebags. Power Lock Kit HD part number 76510-08 I'm looking for $700 SHIPPED to the lower 48. Pretty firm on...
  3. Parts for Sale
    Below is a list of parts I am selling off my 2013 Vivid Black Road Glide: -Stock rear fender with lights and fascia; $600 OBO -Saddlebags with lids and hardware: $600 OBO -Stock Seat: $150 OBO -Stock front wheel with rotors and tire. Low Miles: $350 OBO -Stock Front Fender: $150 OBO -Stock...
  4. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    Does anyone know where I can get a set of saddlebag extensions already painted in black Denim? I need the ones that have cutouts for dual exhaust. I am not a painter nor do I know how to prep them for paint. I was looking at getting a set ready to be put on my bike.
  5. Parts for Sale
    Vivid Black saddlebags off a 2012 Street Glide. Good condition. couple of light scratches. Put a quarter size notch on the inside of the lid and saddlebag to allow for speaker wire to lay without getting pinched when the lid is closed. you CANNOT see this when the bags are closed. Good overall...
  6. Sold
    Bike only had 1 mile on it before it was torn apart didn't take individual pics but available upon request. front fender rear fender (no light) side covers tank front fairing saddlebags no hardware *SOLD* *PARTS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE*
  7. Aftermarket Accessories
    Hello folks, I am not completely sure where I should post this, I am guessing this area is close anyway, if anyone thinks there is a better area please let me know. First some quick background information. I added the twin rail saddlebag guards from and Ultra Classic to my 2008 Road...
  8. Aftermarket Accessories
    So, I wanted a way to keep a bunch of tools on my bike for longer rides while not taking up much space, I came up with this.
  9. Classifieds Archive (3 months old+)
    Take offs from a 2008 Ultra Vivid Black w silver pinstriping. I don't know if everyone knows this but this stuff does fit on Road Glides. Check Part Numbers. A buddy took of all parts because bike was converted to a trike at 14k. If your going to make an offer on something include your zip...
1-9 of 10 Results