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  1. Audio
    I have an 18 FLTRX, the only thing I have changed is the speakers, have Rockford Fosgate THS65 now. I've been thinking about putting on lower fairing with speakers, can I add speakers to my system using the stock amp and how do I do that? Am also thinking about putting in a 2019 GTS head unit...
  2. Audio
    Getting ready to install CVO speaker pods/HD grills with Infiniti Kappa 6.5's and Rockford 300x2 amp along with Aquatic AV head unit on my '13 custom with vented fairing lowers. Already got infinitis and pbr 300x2 amp in fairing with stock head unit. Any tips for me on install? It looks to me...
  3. Audio
    Anyone come across any decent grills for the tour pak speaker pods??? I am going to be using the Hawg Wired grills in my fairing and would really like to find something similar for the rear pods. If I can't find any I am considering just going with the Boom Audio speakers for the rears just...
1-3 of 3 Results