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  1. Audio
    Hi all, I’ve got an 08 road glide that’s currently running a cheap speaker set up. Currently has 2 6x8 kickers in fairing, stock radio, 1000 watt cheap amp in fairing, and aftermarket saddle bag lids with 3 5.25 cheap speakers in each lid… I’m looking to redo the entire sound system. Looking to...
  2. Audio
    Hey yall, My 2015 is having an issue with the right fairing speaker, compared to the left it is barely playing any sound at all. I originally thought it was blown but yesterday when I riding it randomly worked as it should. I removed the speaker to take a look at it and from what I can tell it...
  3. Audio
    Hey everyone! First, I hope everyone is having a killer Friday and getting some miles in this weekend! I know I will be! Here are the model numbers I have on my '16 RGS: Amp: MMATS MD4110 100Wx4-channel @4 Ohm Speakers MMATS PA601cx 6.5" 4 Ohm Line Leveler was necessary because I didn't want...
  4. Audio
    Need a little help, I have been reading the forum for a couple of weeks and think I have read all the posts relating to adding the speakers to the lower fairings but have not seen describe a CVO Road GLide configuration. I currently have the boom audio speakers front and rear and amp (stock). I...
1-4 of 4 Results