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  1. Miscellaneous for Sale
    Full description on website link: HRRK-6582TW-XRP-J&M ROKKER® XRP 6.58” Fairing Speaker Upgrad Like new condition.
    $135 USD
  2. Audio
    Casually looking at speaker/amp upgrades, and didn't think about it until a previous thread mentioned it, but the Limited tour pack has 'limited' space for speakers (huh, which area doesn't?) Which speakers fit without mods in the tour pack pods? I'm looking at the Cicada CX Coax series which...
  3. Sold
    Gave them a 60 mi test run otherwise in new condition. Includes CONUS shipping. Plug n play direct replacement on Rushmores (mine's a 17).
    $150 USD
  4. Audio
    2015 RGS. I'm wanting to add an amp and fairing speakers, stock has got to go.. however building on a budget.. prefer around $500. I plan to do the install myself to also save $$$ so long as I can aquire everything needed for a reasonable price.
  5. Audio
    So I have a 2013 FLTRU. I'm currently running factory sound with my phone connected to Spotify for music. I don't play regular radio or CD's. That said, I'd like to get more volume and better sound. Can I get by with just a speaker upgrade and an amp without the expense of changing the stereo...
  6. Audio
    Hey everyone! First, I hope everyone is having a killer Friday and getting some miles in this weekend! I know I will be! Here are the model numbers I have on my '16 RGS: Amp: MMATS MD4110 100Wx4-channel @4 Ohm Speakers MMATS PA601cx 6.5" 4 Ohm Line Leveler was necessary because I didn't want...
  7. Audio
    Hello All, I installed the WHIM module and had the dealer flash the bike after I flashed the whim unit itself. I have no audio output through my speakers now and I am receiving a DTC U0185 error . The error translation is lost communication with AMP 1. Is there a software switch that the...
  8. Paint & Bodywork Section
    Anyone know if it is possible for a Quick release kit for vented lowers with speakers? It seems that the upper mounting would be blocked by the speaker.
  9. Audio
    So, to minimize wire runs, I've attempted to mount my Hawg Wired speaker crossovers (for my rear speakers) to the bag lids. One on each lid...just under the clothe that's there from the factory. The issue is, it seems as though the summer heat, as well as heat from the engine and pipes are not...
  10. Audio
    Okay, Posted in wrong section and can't figure out how to delete it... Anyway... Just started looking for speaker lids for my 13 RGU... Any recommendations? Anybody out there send them colormatched to stock colors? Prefer to deal with somebody that the guys and gals have dealt with here...
  11. Audio
    Fellow Riders, I am in the market to replace my 2006 factory speakers on my RG. I was considering purchasing the Boom factory replacement speakers but after reading a lot of posts something tells me that would not be much of an improvement. Does anyone here favor the Hog Tune factory...
  12. Audio
    I have a 04 Road Glide, I recently layed her down and the fairing will be removed and repaired. I am seriously considering upgradeing the stereo system but with limited funds (I have to pay the deductible first) I won't be able to do much. The bike is at the local HD Dealership and they are...
  13. New Members Welcome Area
    Hi! My name is Isaí (Jesse), I'm from México City (please excuse my bad english language :D); last december I changed mi Dyna FXDC for a FLTRX, that's why I'm here. I have a problem with the audio system, I will look information about and hopefully solve my problem. Best regards!
  14. Audio
    Guys I'd like to do this right the first time so I thought I might ask about what you've been happy with. I want some good clear speakers to replace the stock ones but not sure if an amp is necessary too. Will a speaker upgrade alone make that much of a difference or do I go all out and install...
  15. Sold
    J&M saddlebag lids with 7.25" Rokker XT speakers - $500 shipped to lower 48 These lids are painted in Vivid black and are in perfect condition. I now ride a CVO and no longer need the J&M kit. High Res pics available upon request.
  16. Parts for Sale
    Complete (almost) J&M Rokker XT 4 way kit. The only part missing is the acoustic foam to stick inside the outer fairing. Everything else is included: J&M 7.25" Rokker XT fairing speakers with adapters J&M Saddlebag lids painted Vivid Black with 7.25" Rokker XT speakers J&M Rokker XT 500 watt 4...
  17. Wanted! (Buy or Trade)
    I need a set of speaker pods and don't care what shape they are in as long as the main body of them are not busted up. I plan on recovering them. Thanks for any help. Jim
1-18 of 35 Results