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  1. New Members Welcome Area
    I retired after 30 years of service in a large municipal Police department in 2017. This 2017 RGS was my gift to myself. I have made a lot of changes to it from the seat, to floorboards, to windshield, sissy bar, etc. etc. etc. But now, I have a big time itch for a stage 2. I bought some...
  2. *General Road Glide Discussions/Pictures
    So just picked up my bike after having the stage 1 done. SE Ventilator Extreme, SE Pro Street tuner and a pair of Forsch Performance (Canadian made) slip ons equipped with what’s called “Angry 2” baffles. The bike was more powerful stock. There’s nothing past a quarter throttle, sounds boggy...
  3. New Members Welcome Area
    Hey fellow Harley(SHARKIES) brothers and/or sisters! Last Saturday is a date I will never forget, February 27, 2016! I bought my first own brand new vehicle from a dealership. I got a great deal on a Road Glide Special and wouldn't have had my first brand new purchase any other way...
  4. Engine Related
    Had the day off so I finally took some time to finish my Stage 1 upgrade. Already had my Rineharts on but still needed to do my tuner and hi-flo. Installed the Fuel Moto Micro Tuner and my piece-part a/c consisting of an HD backplate and hardware, a K&N filter and Performance Machine adapter and...
1-4 of 4 Results