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  1. Sold
    I purchased this for my '16 CVO RGU in February and just got rid of the bike. So I have an up to date firmware device that will fit in a '14&up SG/RG CVO or non-cvo scoot. I have posted a link that shows the start up of the bike with the radio in it. Paypal only, no friends and family. $1400...
  2. Audio
    I hate to post another thread about audio but I need some help, and I have searched this to death. I have a 2005 Road Glide and I want to upgrade my stock setup to a 6.5 “speaker w/amp. My main question is what speaker adapter ring(s) do I need. Do I just need the speaker adapter rings like the...
  3. Audio
    Hey guys, trying to plan my new sound system and will probably keep the h/k stereo unless a marine stereo would be better. I am thinking about the hard ride audio six pac minus the upper fairing speakers that they supply and just put the mids and tweets in the glove box unit that they offer...
1-4 of 4 Results