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  1. Paint & Bodywork Section
    Thought I would post some pictures of the Blue Max King Tour Pak. I just had it installed and when I was looking around I had a tough time finding pictures of the tour pak to determine if the graphics were on them(they are). I also am including some pictures of the Sundowner seat from my 2012...
  2. Seating: seats, backrests
    For those of you that have swapped your newer version (Late 2010 - 2013) Ultra low stock seat for a Sundowner how does the seating position compare??? Height and forward/backward. Had a Sundowner several years ago but it was on a different bike and replaced a totally different seat. Looking for...
  3. Sold
    SOLD- Sundowner seat for sale. Less than 5k miles on seat (probably closer to 2-3k) Purchased new...spouse requested a Russell Day Long saddle after one particularly long trip. Has been in in storage since 2010. Lists for $299 new. Priced at $120 plus $20 for shipping to the lower 48...
1-3 of 3 Results