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  1. Sold
    Everything has SOLD. Have the following Stock Take Off's from my 2012 RGC for sale. All items were taken off at approximately 10,000 KMs 1. front wheel, tire, dual rotors, with ABS bearing (which can be changed out). $325 shipped 2. Stock Bars with Stock front brake and clutch...
  2. Aftermarket Accessories
    Switching to Radial Tires and Non-OEM sizes I've got a 2010 Road Glide Custom and it's about time for new tires. I've been thinking about trying the Avon AV71 130/70R-18 for the front and either the AV72 180/60-16 or 180/70-16 Radial for the rear. I was wondering if any of you have tried...
  3. Aftermarket Accessories
    I have an '09 with 8500 miles on it, noticed the front Dunlop D407 tread was cupped. Did some research on AIM and other iNet resources. Dunlop designed that tire new for the '09 tourers, and within six months enough riders complained about the cupping that Harley started replacing them with a...
1-3 of 4 Results