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  1. ECM/Fuel Management systems
    I'm considering buying the ThunderMax wideband ECM. I have Vance and Hines Power Duals head pipe. Does anyone else have this combination? It appears that I will have to have new 18mm bungs installed in the head pipe. has anyone done this already? If so, what is your advice? I appreciate the help.
  2. Intake and Exhaust
    Looking to buy a new exhaust for my 13', has anyone heard or had the RC Components exhaust? Power response good? Sound good? I was considering the V&H headers with the RC slip ons.
  3. Intake and Exhaust
    Just a heads up if you are in the market for new pipes for your ride. I am saddened to have to report a very unsatisfactory customer service engagement with Freedom Performance Exhaust. I have a set of their chrome "Racing" true duals on my 2010 FLTRX. After a little over a year in service, all...
1-3 of 3 Results