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  1. Parts for Sale
    Harley Davidson Sirius XM Module for the Harmon Kardon entertainment system 06-13 model years. The module was used for two years. I am also including the wire harness needed for it to work. Both items brand new come to around $600. Asking $300 for both. XM Module part number - 76165-06A Boom...
  2. Audio
    Anyone using the Boom! Audio XM Satellite Radio Kit-76404-06? If so do you recommend it? Have you had any reception issues? Where do you have the antenna mounted? I keep readings lots of conflicting reviews. I would hate to drop $400 on something that only works half ass. Your feedback is...
  3. Audio
    Hey guys, I have a 2011 CVO RGU that came from the factory WITH A Zumo Road Tech 660. I also have a Zumo RT 665 with an XM radio antenna on my Road King that I'm selling without the RT 665. What I would like to do is simply take the 665 and snap it in the 660 GPS mount and plug-in the XM...
  4. Audio
    So I received my XM module today. This was previously used by another rider, but it was working when he took it off his bike. Everything connected fine. Radio recognized XM. But I am getting a "Check Antenna" error. No matter how I position or wiggle the connector, I can not clear the...
1-4 of 4 Results