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Finally couldn’t take the stock suspension any longer. Called Smarty and started the process. First let me say that all of those raving posts about Smarty’s customer service are all an understatement!

The cartridges arrived and the disassembly began. If you have an older bike, mines a 2011, have fork seals and clips already in hand. I spoke with Smarty several times as he gave me stages to achieve and then call him back. The reassembling was not difficult when I followed Smarty’s instructions. I googled homemade fork seal install tool and found the tape on the upper leg trick, which was amazing. The trick is to take your time.

The rears arrived Friday, a day later. If you cut the hydraulic lines to remove the old shocks, be prepared for fluid everywhere. Other than that, listen to Smarty. The install on the rears was very straightforward. Some precise measuring but other than that, 4 bolts.

The result, huge improvement. The suspension doesn’t load and unload during shifts and slow speed maneuvers are much smoother. The front end doesn’t divewith the front brakes at all. I went looking for bumps that would have given me kidney punches before, the glide did exactly that over them. Cornering felt so much more planted and predictable.

I’ll have to sell several more pints of blood to pay this off but it was WELL worth it! Give Smarty a call.

As a side note, Smarty suggested a fuel management system to get the bike to run cooler. That will be here in a week. I was looking at cooling fans until Smarty pointed out the factory tuning deficiencies.

Pull the trigger, it made a good bike great!
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