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These will also work on the 08 bikes . There are additional codes for the 08 bikes not listed here .

"BUS Er" - Serial data bus shorted/low/open/high
B0563 - Battery voltage high TSM/TSSM
B1004 - Fuel level sending unit low instruments
B1005 - Fuel level sending unit high/open instruments
B1006 - Accessory line over voltage instruments
B1007 - Ignition line over voltage instruments
B1008 - Reset switch closed instruments
B1122 - Right turn output fault
B1125 - (HFSM) Left turn output short to battery
B1131 - Alarm output low TSM/TSSM
B1132 - Alarm output high TSM/TSSM
B1134 - Starter output high TSM/TSSM
B1135 - Accelerometer fault TSM/TSSM
B1141 - Ignition switch open/low
B1151 - Sidecar BAS low TSM/TSSM
B1152 - Sidecar BAS high TSM/TSSM
B1153 - Sidecar BAS out of range TSM/TSSM
P0106 - MAP sensor rate of range error CARB
P0107 - MAP sensor failed open/low CARB
P0107 - Map sensor open/low EFI
P0108 - Map sensor failed high CARB
P0108 - Map sensor high EFI
P0112 - IAT sensor voltage low EFI
P0113 - IAT sensor voltage open/high EFI
P0117 - ET sensor voltage low EFI
P0118 - ET sensor voltage open/high EFI
P0122 - TP sensor open/low EFI
P0123 - TP sensor high EFI
P0131 - Front 02 sensor low (lean)
P0132 - Engine running rich
P0134 - Front 02 sensor open/not responding
P0151 - Rear 02 sensor low (lean)
P0152 - Rear 02 sensor high (rich)
P0154 - Rear 02 sensor open/not responding
P0261 - Front injector open/low EFI
P0262 - Front injector high EFI
P0263 - Rear injector open/low EFI
P0264 - Rear injector high EFI
P0373 - CKP sensor intermittent CARB/EFI
P0374 - CKP sensor not detected CARB
P0374 - CKP sensor sync error EFI
P0501 - VSS low CARB/EFI
P0502 - VSS high/open CARB/EFI
P0505 - Loss of idle speed control EFI
P0562 - Battery voltage low CARB/EFI
P0563 - Battery voltage high CARB/EFI
P0602 - Calibration memory error CARB
P0603 - EEPROM failure CARB
P0603 - ECM EEPROM error EFI
P0604 - Ram failure CARB
P0605 - Program memory error CARB
P0605 - ECM flash error EFI
P0607 - Converter error CARB
P0661 - Intake solenoid low/open
P0662 - Intake solenoid high/shorted
P1001 - System relay coil open/low EFI
P1002 - System relay coil high/shorted EFI
P1003 - System relay contacts open EFI
P1004 - System relay contacts closed EFI
P1009 - Incorrect password CARB/EFI
P1010 - Missing password CARB/EFI
P1351 - Front ignition open/low CARB/EFI
P1352 - Front ignition coil high/shorted CARB/EFI
P1353 - Front cylinder no combustion EFI
P1354 - Rear ignition coil open/low CARB/EFI
P1355 - Rear ignition coil high/shorted CARB/EFI
P1356 - Rear cylinder no combustion EFI
P1357 - Intermittent secondary front EFI
P1358 - Intermittent secondary rear EFI
U1016 - Loss of ICM/ECM serial data instruments
U1016 - Loss of ECM serial data, vehicle speed, vehicle inhibit motion or power train security status TSM/TSSM
U1064 - Loss of TSM/TSSM serial data CARB/EFI
U1064 - Loss of TSM/TSSM serial date instruments
U1097 - Loss of speedometer serial data TSM/TSSM CARB/EFI
U1255 - Missing message at speedometer EFI
U1255 - Serial data error/missing message EFI
U1255 - Serial data error/missing instruments or TSM/TSSM
U1300 - Serial data low instruments, TSM/TSSM , CARB/EFI
U1301 - Serial data open/high instruments, TSM/TSSM, CARB/EFI

2006 models with 02 sensors ( Dynas )

P0131 - Front 02 sensor lean for any length of time
P0151 - Rear 02 sensor lean for any length of time
Above codes can also be set if 02 sensor fails.


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This might be a stupid question but how are you able to see these codes on any bike, mine is an '07 but I'm assuming some tool is needed.

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