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1 Year update on Kensun HID's

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I've had these for about year now and was just thinking how much I like them. The other day I turned them on and they flickered and went out. I switched them off and back on and they were OK. A couple of days later they went out completely. My son's pair started blowing fuses about the same time. I had a spare ballast and we found that one of his was bad, so the spare fixed that. Mine turned out to be a burned wire on the controller. Called their tech support and told them the problems with both sets and they said OK we'll send out a new ballast and a controller with wire harness. They sent it 2 day priority mail so I had the parts two days after ordering. Was really pleased with that so kudos to their tech support.

Both bikes are fixed now and we are happy again, hope they last until someone figures out a good LED replacement that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, they need to get it down to at least a pound of flesh.
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