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Well it's been 1000 miles since the cam chest rebuild reported earlier here :

While the SE255 is not wild by any stretch of the imagination , I really really like it .. The torque curve appears to be fairly flat , but no matter the throttle position , even with the cruise set , you know you have some more go on tap , I normally set the cruise on the big road between 70-75 depending on traffic , now I find myself setting it between 75-80 , Thursday afternoon I was set on 85 .. Bike runs and breathes much better over 3000 rpm now ... I considered the S&S 551 or Feuling 543 , but Direwolf offered me a killer deal on the very lightly used SE's several years ago and he still had them available ..

Cam shoes and lifters are Feulings and while I can't see them , I can say the lifters really needed replacement and I can assure you that the shoes will be checked well before the next 70k is put on the motor .. I considered going with the dual piston shoes that Zipper's sells under the Red Shift line , but for the cost , and a few days ago , a guy I respect as a builder says that the single piston shoes can swell up and stick in the bores when hot , as well as the single pistons tend to rock somewhat , but alas it is what it was ..

Also replaced were the cam bearings with S&S bearings as well as new chains and the SE oil pump and cam plate .. While the TC is a volume not pressure system , oil pressure is definitely higher , I rarely got over 32 psi when hot and now its around 45 hot ..

Also replaced were the breathers , the filter on the rear cylinder had disintegrated , I replaced the entire assemblies and drilled out the drain holes to 1/8" .. Also put in the rockrlocs , awesome indeed ..

Fuel mileage used to run around 38-40 mpg on the slab running to werk , its about 20 miles each way and probably 15 is on the big road .. Now I'm getting 35-36 mpg , but I am also 'in it' a little more than I used to was ..

Idle is a little more throaty and definitely sounds better than the stock cams idle ..

The stock cams would roll on from 2000 , but you could tell the bike didn't really want to be there , with the 255's , it's game on , they pull solid from down low .. I haven't been over 4000 , and supposedly thats where the 255 falls off , but my motor don't live there , so no issues here with that ..

I have a feeling this will be a good road cam , due to the current scam going on , haven't been anywhere aside from werk , which Thankfully , I have been werking my azz off ...

On vacation after today and may try to go somewhere , been talking with Bleachey , but no solid plans laid out yet .. Need a road trip , as many of us do .. Hopefully this crap will blow over soon enuff ..

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