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I have a 2011 FLTRX 103 w/ABS & security (the Power Pack I believe they called it). I bought it new. Vance and Hines power duals, high output round mufflers, heavy breather air cleaner, Screaming Eagle tuner, J&M speakers and amp.

It ran fine last year on my last ride before putting it away for the winter. It sleeps in my heated basement garage, covered.

Over the winter I put 12” mayhem bars on and custom dynamics pro beam tail light bulb replacements and the blue plug and play custom dynamics stabilizer.

First ride after installing the bars and bulbs it threw a P0117 code (no engine light though). P0117 - ET sensor low.

The bike bogs / cuts out on a quick blip of the throttle but if I roll the throttle slow it revs up and I can run at higher RPM’s fine. It feels like it is in a “cold” mode (feels like the choke is on too long in a carb). The “hot” idle is also high, about 1150-1200 rpm. Everything else on the bike works fine.

I have the service manual and the electrical diagnostic manual.

I replaced the ET sensor and it ran good for one ride around the block, about 15min ride. I thought I had it, the next ride it wasn’t running right again and threw the P0117 code again, again no engine light. I’ve spent the past few days digging into the wiring harnesses, testing for shorts, opens, voltages, resistances, and inspecting the wires both visually and feeling for weak spots. I’ve also cleared the codes, pulled the main fuse multiple times and the code comes back as soon as you turn the key on.

I have performed all the tests in the diagnostic manual for this code (as well as P0118, ET sensor high). And it has passed every test. The last suggestion in the book is replace ECM.

I have also changed the fuel filter and the check valve and line in the tank, it appeared to have a nick, but after I got it out it was fine, I replaced in anyways.

It is a very simple circuit. Pink/yellow from ECM to ET sensor, Black/white from ECM to a 3 way split. From the split there is a separate wire to the ET sensor, the twist grip, and throttle body. None of these wires has a short to ground, or another wire as far as I can tell. Unplugging the other two sensors on the Black/white doesn’t change the P0117 code.

Im at a loss here. I can’t believe the ECM would just develop a problem. I also have a hard time being defeated and taking it to he dealer, to have hem charge me to do all the same tests I have just done, just to tell me it’s the ECM. I also don’t want to “parts change” the ECM.

Are ECM failures common? Is there anything else I could try? I’m thinking about trying a new TMAP sensor, I believe the ECM compares the temp reading from both of these sensors. Could the TMAP be faulty making the ECM think he ET sensor is off?

I don’t have a digital tech to see the temperature values the 2 sensors are reporting, however the resistance of the temp side of he TMAP is about half the resistance of the ET sensor (possible vice verse, that was a couple days ago)

Sorry for the long post, I was trying to cover the questions that hopefully follow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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