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Here the Dyno sheet for my '11 FLTRX 103, D&D,TTS,Kuryakn Street Sleep AC
82.5 HP and 100.19 FTLBS Torque. Bike runs great, quick throttle responce and no decel popping. First 2 tanks of gas on the interstate was 42/43 MPG at 70/80 MPH.

Tuner was Mark Harrington @ Ben's Vtwin in Indian Trail, NC 704-882-4285 just south of Charlotte, NC. Ben and Mark provide great service and hospitality. Mark is a great tuner really know is stuff and takes time to explain what he will be doing.

Mark worked for Doc Weaver in Florida for 3 years and Doc speaks highly of Mark.

I had recommended (from reading on this forum) a friend of mine that lived in Florida to go to Doc and loved what Doc did for his bike. I didn't have time to go to Florida for a tune so Doc recommended Mark @ Ben's Vtwin.

So if you are in the NC, SC, VA areas and want a great tuner. Call Mark.


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