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Here's some dyno charts of my previous and current bikes.
We did a 110 bolt on kit with my old SG.
Had a local shop port the heads, 58mm TB, SE Clutch, BoarZilla, 259 Cams and was realistically about 10.2 / 1 compression. Comparison dyno chart with my new 117.

The CVO when I bought it had 259 cams, HD pop up pistons, and a Rinehart true duel set up. We could've got more out of it on the dyno but I was itching to get the kit put in it. And I hated the sound with those Rineharts. :)

In the new bike we did Surburban Speed's 117 bolt on kit, .030 head gasket, AIM lock up clutch, kept the 259's, added the 58MM TB from my old bike and a brand new BoarZilla. This is with 100% stock CVO heads, as the came from the factory. It's right at 11 to 1 compression. And it fucking thumps.

Have a friend who had a similar build to my old bike, he made 2 more hp and 2 more torque. We've run the new bike against his several times and its no contest. The orange bike just walks away.
Anyone contemplating the 117 kit, I say go for it. Lots of room left if I want. Torque everywhere, it's definitely an arm puller. And with my itty bitty wife on the back it's hard to keep the front wheel on the ground. :)


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