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'12 FLTRX - Dragos 1.5 heads, 580 cams, Dragula 2, .040 head gasket

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pulls like a beast and am very pleased with the build. doesn't run too hot and handles great. tons of power.

still having a bit of a rough idle on warm-up but once it's at temp is fine. just need to tweak TTS a bit.

also trying to find an annoying chirp that started after build (it's not the rubber exhaust hanger). i don't think it's a lifter...well i hope it's not a lifter. when you're back at the pipe it sounds like it's coming from inside the pipe. when you're standing next to the engine it sounds like it is coming from underneath the engine in the middle. no head leaks, intake leaks, or exhaust leaks. it mostly goes away once the engine heats up. any ideas?

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A buddy of mine had a similar noise, same location and got better when the engine was hot.

It was an O2 sensor that had come loose. You might want to at least check them.

I have the 580 cams as well and still not dynoed yet. Went to the Grand Canyon a month ago and it ran like crap at elevation. Spit, sputter, you get the picture. Back here at sea level, just a little sputtering when cold is all.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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