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12 glide bar adjustment

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I just had the khromewerks 2+2 sweepers installed on my glide and after picking it up I decided I wanted to roll the bars back a bit, I have the maintenance manual and removed the tach gauges and couldn't get the screws in the upper clamp loose, I went to my local dealer and asked if they would show me how to loosen the screws so I could adjust myself and the guy at the service desk told me they couldn't be rolled back because of a pin that holds the bars in place and could only be drilled out, there is no mention of this in the service manual, is this true and if not how do I get the screws loose? Thanks for your help
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I'm a bit confused. Is your bike a 2012? I dont think HD began "pinning" the bars until 2015. Even so, the pin can be pulled out with a pair of vise grips, thus allowing for adjustment.

Lil Chief
What he said. ^^^ Rushmore glides only.
P.S. once you remove the black cover , you should see the 4 Allen head bolts that secure the cover plate on the bars .
Allen, a lot. ��
Pre Rushmore ,carefully dremel out the plastic to access the top bolts . Doesn't show when back together
?????? You riding the same bike as the rest of us ? :) are you talking about a king.
What size Allen please
Don't remember
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