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Let me start by saying I love these shocks but my riding style has changed and I am riding a lot more 2-up these days and I feel I just need the 13" version. Not that you can't run these 2-up it's just the wife and I are both on the heavy side and I just need that extra inch on some parking lot exits etc.

These shock really are awesome, love the way the back end is planted with these and with an infinite amount of adjustability, anyone that has a set can attest to the quality of these shocks.

I bought them last year (they had less than 500 miles on them) and have about 8K on them, the last 1500 or so 2-up (wife has only been riding with me since November) and in perfect working order.

Model number is: PA-SSS-12B

I have them on a 15 Road Glide Special and keep the same ride height as stock.

More infor from their website here: Pro-Action Street

Shocks are still on the bike but I can have them off and shipped the following day after payment.

$425 shipped

Pic of when I bought them, I still have the box as well as correspondence with George on setting them up etc.

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