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12" Smoked Windsplitter FOR SALE

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I'll ship it to your door in the lower 48 for a hundred bucks.

Like brand new, bought it, installed it, decided to go a different direction.

From HD's site:

HD Wind Splitter Windshield 12" Smoked 57166-10
Genuine Harley Davidson
Price: $159.95

In the world of functional performance, size does matter. After all, it's simple to understand that the larger the windshield area, the greater the amount of wind deflection. The Wind Splitter windshield is a great look for all touring models and is shaped for the perfect combination of effective air flow management and "wow" styling. The sweeping design complement the shape of the fairing and the inner dash panel, and adds height over a traditional low-profile wind deflector in the center where it counts. The rich smoked finish does not interfere with your forward view, and looks great against any paint color. The easy-to-install Wind Splitter features a center-mount Bar & Shield medallion for a distinctive finishing touch.
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I'll take PayPal.

Mark it as a gift, save me the 3%, if you don't care.

Paypal acct is


Soon as I get your info, I'll get it boxed and ready to go.



PM me your address, I'll get it out first thing Monday morning.

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