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124 s&s / 120r to 124

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Who is some of the better engine builders for a reliable 124 build using s&s or screaming eagle 120r cases
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Does anybody have a 124 that gets that much hp with a warranty? Stock 124s require modification to get up there and that's usually when the warranty goes away.
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Exactly. 140 is doable, but 150-160 & reliable is reaching.

Talk to Dragos Bike Works, he'll set you up with all the info you need.
My 124 was built by Drago's over this past winter.
I've got just short of 3000 miles on mine. That's about to change now that spring is here.
I feel like I've pretty much lost the meaning of this very odd conversation. I do agree with NB though.

I can only tell you that I am extremely happy with the 124 that Frank built for me. It's a touring motor, not a race motor. Frank provided a one year warranty with it. I came out at 136/132 on what I believe to be a very conservative dyno.
1 - 4 of 81 Posts
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