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124 s&s / 120r to 124

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Who is some of the better engine builders for a reliable 124 build using s&s or screaming eagle 120r cases
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You can order one with either the S&S cases or the SE cases built by S&S from any of their dealers. A 124" built by S&S comes with a warranty by them. If you don't want one built by them, then Dragos will offer a 124" and as I understand it he will also offer a bit of a warranty. Not sure that you are going to get a warranty outside of those two but there are other builders that would be happy to put one together for you.
I have two bikes now running 124's. On both bikes I wanted to keep my stock cases. The first bike I had Darkhorse work over the bottom end. The second bike I had S&S work over the bottom end. Aside from the case work, I am the builder of both of them and built the motors with parts from different sources, however all parts are top notch. Neither bike got a crate motor and so neither bike got a warranty. I guess that I am my own warranty.

If you are looking for bragging rights then 150-160 NA is attainable, but you will get there with additional cost. Not just financial cost. What is the bike used for? Bar hopping or touring? You would be sacrificing rideability if you bump compression up and push the power up in the RPM range to attain those numbers. Just my opinion.
My motors are not built by Dragos, but he carries a good reputation on motors. I'm sure that he would be just fine to use. I've dealt with him in the past on cams and exhaust and he was great to deal with for me.
I thinking bout buyen cases buyen a crank from dark horse get getting "custom"124 cylinder and pistons mva "hurricane heads" screaming eagle oil pump
You can go this route and build your own, but it would be more expensive in the long run over buying one already done by S&S.

Ya, I'm not understanding where you are going with this either. Your posts come across exploratory about buying a new motor???
Don't really make no sense to buy a crate motor take it apart rebuild crank put new pistons cylinders push rods lifters and do heads then have all that extra that gos to waiste let alone payen labor to pull it apart and put it back toghether
Then why don't you just buy the bottom end from S&S and build the rest around that. Their crank can handle what you are looking to throw at it. No need to take that back apart.

The kind of money that you are throwing at these bikes and the power that you are looking for I think that I'm with Pat. May as well just get that new T143 and bolt it in. Sell off the stock motor.
If you want a reliable touring motor then keep the compression down and use a tame cam. I don't think that you are going to be 150/160 without cranking up the compression and using bigger cams which pushes the power to the right. Your bike though.
1 - 6 of 81 Posts
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