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124 s&s / 120r to 124

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Who is some of the better engine builders for a reliable 124 build using s&s or screaming eagle 120r cases
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What about R&R's 131 billet engine, not bad if you have an extra 13-14 k laying around
I'd love to ride that 143 but how reliable is it? I'm sure it's thirsty, going over Blue Ridge Parkway you definitely need to bring a gas can. Back to the 124" , I would give Frank (Dragos) a call, real nice guy. You can most likely get a nice package deal with tune, clutch etc.
You haven't got to many miles on it yet
What are you trying to say?
Your insinuating that Jay's 124" is not a reliable build? :confused:
Vinny, don't you own a shop in Ohio? You should be able to build your own motor.
Sorry but your not being realistic, the numbers you are looking for out of 124" is a race motor not a touring motor. Not saying you won't make it cross country but if you need that much power your gonna beat on it and all kinds of things can go wrong. There's not a builder that will warranty a such build. Your a shop why not build your own?
I feel like I've pretty much lost the meaning of this very odd conversation. I do agree with NB though.

I can only tell you that I am extremely happy with the 124 that Frank built for me. It's a touring motor, not a race motor. Frank provided a one year warranty with it. I came out at 136/132 on what I believe to be a very conservative dyno.
very odd. jay that's a nice build with good warranty, you can't ask for more then that. bet it's a blast to ride
1 - 6 of 81 Posts
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