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For sale here is a 12in dark smoke windvest. $100.00 shipped. Paypay only. Please send through personal to avoid fees. Put in new trim that I bought at the autoparts store.

Or if you want to trade for a 10in. That would be acceptable also.

I am selling because I had a 12in windsplitter which was too low. So I bought this and realized that the windvest was too tall. It hits right at my line of sight and with a slight slouch my eyes see the top lip of the windshield.

It also caused more buffeting for me and more turbulence. I am 5'5" for those inquiring minds. I have a 29 inseam, but I sit somewhat upright. I also have the sanchos wings, flappy paddles installed, and wear a full face helmet.

Thank you for looking

These sell for 136 new at amazon


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